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The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena of VILLA DI CORLO, is the result of the slow transformation of cooked grape must that comes from our own vineyards. Its high concentration of sugar initially develops alcoholic fermentation which followed by acetification, turns the alcohol into vinegar.

This can only happen in "batteries" of small casks of different woods (Oak, Chestnut, Juniper, Ash and Mulberry) to give to the vinegar special scents and aromas. These batteries are composed of at least 5 casks, decreasing in capacity from 50 liters to 5 liters each.

At their top, the casks have a square opening which, protected from impurities by a piece of cloth, allows the oxidation process of the vinegar.

The casks are located in the attics of the family residence, and are open by appointment.

Made from wine must which is cooked and then aged for years in classic casks made from different types of woods. With a rich and glossy dark brown color, it possesses a characteristically syrupy density.

During the harvest, the grapes of our Vineyard, which is situated at the foot of the Modenese hills, go to the press and at the end of the pressing, a grape must is obtained that can on average, contain 19-21 degrees BABO.