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During the harvest, the grapes of our Vineyard, which is situated at the foot of the Modenese hills, go to the press and at the end of the pressing, a grape must is obtained that can on average, contain 19-21 degrees BABO. The grape must then goes to be cooked in a stainless steel tank at a temperature of 90 degrees centigrade, for approximately 36 hours when in the end, there is obtained the concentration and a level of sugar of 38-40 degrees BABO as the minimum. Then the cooked grape must goes into small wooden casks of Oak, Cherrywood and Chestnut to stand and rest. Every year following, at the end of winter, the product is decanted into smaller casks to obtain the refinement of the existing density.

Only after this long, ageing process the CARATELLO is ready to be withdrawn and bottled.



INGREDIENTS:  100% acetified cooked grape must. Without colourings, sugar or thickeners.